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These files contain basic information every R.E.M. fan, old or new, should read, and are updated on a regular basis :

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The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive

These lyric files are the product of the listening efforts of many people over the life of and murmur. The most up-to-date version of the lyrics are archived here and posted regularly to

Lyrics are maintained by Kipp Teague. Use the feedback form on his web page to send suggestions to him.

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These lyrics are sent to and its mirror sites on a regular basis.

Since itself is not accessible via the WWW, it can only be accesssed via WWW through mirror sites :

  • Lyrics Archive at
    This is a mirror of lyrics at; located at the U of Wisconsin

    The R.E.M. Lyric Annotations FAQ

    A great guide to use in decoding the lyrics or Michael Stipe. Thanks to Chris [Steve] Piuma for this wonderful resource!

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