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Complete Internet R.E.M. Underground List

A comprehensive list of R.E.M. bootlegs and other weird stuff.

Face it. People will always trade and collect bootlegs of their favorite band. Rather than ignore it, I thought it would be good for you to get informed before you waste your hard earned money.
Hopefully this site will help.

Why is my bootleg missing?
(And Info About CD-R Bootlegs)

Bootleg Timeline - Shows In Chronological Order

Part 1: 0 thru 9 and A thru K

Part 2: L thru Q

Part 3: R thru Z

Part 4: Interviews, Radio Shows
And Other Misc.

Summary of Changes in version 4.20

Many of the 1999 Up Tour bootlegs are on CD-R's. 
Please see the link above called "Info About CD-R Bootlegs"
for more info.

Summary of Changes in version 4.11

New 1998-1999 Up promo and Tour stuff has been added. 
More to come I'm sure...

And as always, please keep the new pictures coming!

Summary of Changes in version 4.10

Today I am updating the version number to remind everyone 
that we are still continually updating this list.  We have 
added some new titles, and finally cleaned up a lot of old 
confusing entries.  There are also, of course, many new 
pictures.  Some of the old original black and white pix have 
been replaced with full color.  I figured all this was enough 
to merit a version upgrade to 4.1.

And as always, please keep the new pictures coming!

Summary of Changes in version 4.06

To the average browser, not much appears to have changed 
here.  But as of today, I finally have scanned in absolutely 
everything I have.  Anything that gets added in the future 
will either be something I buy, or something that someone 
else scans and e-mails to me.  It has taken nearly 4 years, 
and the help of countless people (Especially Gary Huested) 
to get to this point.  Now I can finally get this stack of 
LP's off my floor! :)

Keep the new pictures coming!

Summary of Changes in versions 4.01-4.05

Version 4.05 is complete, and we have run out of new titles 
to add for the first time.  I'm sure many more will come to 
our attention, but I think you will find most of them are 
there now!  Thanks to all who helped get to this point.

7/8/97 These intermediate versions just mean the addition of more pictures and titles.

The format remains the same.

Summary of Changes in version 4.00

This is the long overdue attempt to begin to update this 
resource in such a way that makes it easier to use, and to 
add info on the many new releases over the past 2 or 3 years. 
The boots are now in alphabetical order too.  :)

Summary of Changes in version 3.00

This is the first attempt to make the list a bit more user 
friendly by splitting it up.  It is still loosely in order of 
recording date, so early Tyrone's stuff is in part 1, Monster 
tour stuff in part 3, etc...  There are also even more new 
pictures now.  :)

Summary of changes in version 2.01

This version seeks to add info from the text version 2.53 and 
extra stuff that has surfaced from the Monster tour.

4/1/96 This is just a note to those of you who look to this list often that yes, I am now going to continue updating this file. The long gap was due to my not being able to get Simone to update it on her old R.E.M. home page.

Summary of changes in version 1.01

Modified to display small images and make larger images 

7/20/94 There are now many more pictures added...

6/20/94 This is the first total reworking of the list for use on the world wide web. If you see the "in work" picture, it means that the actual picture has not been scanned in yet. This will probably be under construction for some time to come...

Web version: 4.20 (revised: January 12, 2000) By Jason Zimberoff (

Taken from CIRUL Version 2.53,
The book "Remnants" by Gary Nabors (
and information compiled from traders everywhere,
**Especially Collector Extraordinaire Gary Huested (**
Original information developed by: bt garner (
and David J. DeWolfe (
First Conversion to .html and subsequent additions by Jason Zimberoff (

Note: If your Bootleg's title begins with "R.E.M."
I may have skipped it.
For Example, "R.E.M. Live Volume 2" is listed
as "Live Volume 2" under "L".

Corrections, additions, etc should be sent to, and/or Please be sure to include what version of the list you are sending an update for (this can be found at the top of this page). Thanks.

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