R.E.M. Bootleg Traders

People always ask me "Hey Zim, you are the web bootleg guy, so why not
give me a list of people to trade with?"

This is why:

I do not keep track of people who trade because it is too hard to keep
track of people moving around, not following through on trades, etc...
Plus, with the popularity of this page, some people listed may get flooded
with mail, or get in trouble (It is slightly 'behind closed doors' ya know) and
others may get upset for not being included. I do not want to get in the middle
of that, so I will let the traders who want to trade find their own way of
letting you know who they are.

I am here to help traders make educated decisions about what they might
want to buy, or what they might want to avoid. If you bought every bootleg
in existence, you would have 12 or more copies of the same 1989 Orlando
Green Tour show. Not a great prospect unless you are a nut-case. (Like me)

So good luck. If you dig a little, or just ask around, you will find
those of us who trade. (There - that's a hint!)


1997 Jason Zimberoff, zim@svs.com, updated 04/23/97