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R.E.M. Discography

A comprehensive list of R.E.M. albums, singles, and other official stuff.

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The Illustrated Web R.E.M. Discography

Albums - CD / LP / EP / Cassette
Album Limited Editions
7" Commercial Singles
7" Promotional (Juke Box) Singles
12" Commercial Singles
12" Promotional Singles
Cassette Singles
CD Singles and EP's
CD Promo Singles
Box Sets / Multiple Albums
Full Length Promo Samplers
Flexi Discs / Magazine Giveaways
Fan Club Singles
Various Artists Compilations
Others Performing R.E.M. Songs

Web version: 3.00 (revised: August 29, 2016) by Jason Zimberoff (zim@svs.com)

Taken from Gary Huested's "Ye Olde R.E.M. Discography",
The book "Remnants" by Gary Nabors and information compiled from the readers of rec.music.rem,
Conversion to .html, picture scanning and subsequent additions by Jason Zimberoff (zim@svs.com) and Gary Huested
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Jason Zimberoff, zim@svs.com,

Summary of Changes in version 3.00

I have added many new items related to the last album Collapse into Now, and also some of the special releases that have come out since then. Vesrion is changing to 3.00 to reflect the fact that we are now in a post- R.E.M. collecting environment - perhaps forever. This does not mean I will stop adding items as they are released or as they become known to me. Thanks to all the R.E.M. fans who continue to use the site!

Summary of Changes in version 2.03

This site is still alive, and new items are being added. I am hoping to get caught up with the additions before the new album "Accelerate" comes out in on April 1, 2008...

Summary of Changes in version 2.02

I lost count a long time ago how many bits of info, or new items have been added, but I just wanted to point out that the additions are still going on. Just added 44 new pictures and 2 items tonite...

Summary of Changes in version 2.01

We have added more than 100 new items to the "official" discography since it was converted to this new format a year ago! Just wanted to add a listing here to re-assure everyone that it is still being updated continuously!

Summary of Changes in version 2.00

Wow! I have finally made enough major changes to raise the version level to 2. I have been teaching myself some more advanced web techniques and they have now been applied to both the text and illustrated versions of the "official" discography. In short, both lists are now looking at the same database. This means that the info will be the same on both lists. (Less work for me too!)

Summary of Changes in version 1.04

The Text version is now in a table formatted for the web. This is the first look at the future of this site. Eventually, I'd like to make the illustraed version searchable and in a table format like this. Any of you web gurus out there want to help me figure this out?

Summary of Changes in version 1.03

We have added some of the promotional and retail material from the movie "Man On The Moon".

Summary of Changes in version 1.02

New UP singles and promos are being added. More to come I'm sure...

Summary of Changes in version 1.01

As you can tell, this is still a project that is far from complete. But I have added many pictures since the original version 1.00 was published. I started at the top of the list with the albums, and am just working my way down. As of this writing, the 12" promo singles have been done to the extent that all I have is there. I am always happy to receive pictures via e-mail for things that are missing!

Summary of Changes in version 1.00

This is the first attempt to add an html version of this list, with pictures. I always wanted to know what some of this stuff looked like when I began collecting, and hopefully it will prove useful to others who want to start a collection themselves.

Jason Zimberoff, zim@svs.com,