Ye Olde R.E.M. Discography (Text Only)

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(last updated 24 November, 2001)

This discography mostly covers material officially released by R.E.M. It
doesn't include guest appearances, side projects, bootlegs or radio
shows. It also doesn't include every  release from every country,
where the only difference is the catalog number. If you need a more
complete reference (older stuff only), we suggest your purchasing "Remnants"
and its supplement, which is current through 1995.  

This discography contains information obtained from 5 primary sources:

The personal collections of Gary Huested and Jason Zimberoff
The Book "Remarks" by Tony Fletcher
The Book "File Under Water" by John Storey
The Book "Remnants" and its Supplement by Gary Nabors
and the members of the murmur mailing-list/

Special thanks to Tom Ivey and Bruce Licher for all of the detailed
fan-club information.  They have put a lot of work into a very
confusing subject.

Please send any corrections, additions, comments or questions to:
(Jason Zimberoff)   or
(Gary C. Huested) at