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By Jason Zimberoff

Compiled from lists on the web by Klaus Schaefer, Mark Dorner, Christopher Duffy
and the book Mustang & Ford Small Block V8 by Bob Mannel
(Go Buy It!)

Special thanks also go out to Charles Turner, and Steve Grant.

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(things which have been listed as true about 64.5's which actually aren't.)

1. Oil filter should be red Rotunda without "6000 Mile" in text. This is wrong because original factory oil filter was painted engine block color.

64.5 Oil Filter

64 Factory Replacement Oil Filter

2. Chrome door rocker trim was available on 64.5's - some say it wasn't.

64.5 / 65 Rocker Trim

3. Interior door handles have same plastic ring behind them as later cars. (some say it is unique)

64.5 / 65 Door Handle Ring

4. Smaller air cleaner assembly was used on early 64.5 V8 engines. (This is not true - the Falcon style air cleaner does not fit under the hood of a Mustang properly. See the rub spots on the snorkel and hood when the wrong style is used.)

Falcon style air cleaner

Rub Spot On Wrong Air Cleaner

Hood Rub Spot

5. Valve covers and air cleaner are sometimes painted red-orange on a 260 V8. (This is not true. Mustang 260 V8's are always painted with "Old Ford Blue" valve covers and air cleaners. Snorkel and block should be black. The 63 Falcon's had reddish-orange on them.)

63 Falcon 260 V8

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