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By Jason Zimberoff

This is a collection of items found on the internet. This list is always evolving, so if you have something to add (or subtract) please let me know! zim@svs.com

Q: What are the differences between 1964 and later 65 Mustangs?


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Q: What is a 1964 Mustang?


1964 is a term that is used by Mustang owners and enthusiasts to
describe the earliest Mustangs ever built.  Although Ford never officially
used the term "64 and a half" to describe these cars, they did arrive on 
the market in early 1964, before other true 1965 models. The first Mustang
actually rolled off the Dearborn, Michigan assembly line on March 9, 1964. 
This was in the middle of the normal 1964 model year, giving rise to the
common term "1964" Mustang.

These early cars also have a large number of important differences from the 
true 1965 model Mustangs.  (See below)

Basically, if the car was built before August 17, 1964 - it will have come 
with a generator instead of an alternator, and therefore be considered a 
64 Mustang.

Officially, Ford stamped a 1965 VIN number on all 1964 and 1965 Mustangs.

Q: What was the first VIN number for 64.5 and 65 Mustangs?


1st Dearborn 64.5 Mustang: 5F08F100001
1st San Jose 64.5 Mustang: 5RXXX100001

1st Dearborn 65 Mustang: 5FXXX250001 (1st known fastback - 5F09K250009) 1st San Jose 65 Mustang: 5RXXX125001