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64 vs. 65 Mustang Interior Differences

By Jason Zimberoff

Compiled from lists on the web by Klaus Schaefer, Mark Dorner, Christopher Duffy
and the book Mustang & Ford Small Block V8 by Bob Mannel
(Go Buy It!)

Special thanks also go out to Charles Turner, and Steve Grant.

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1. Vent knob Driver's side has white "A" on it.

64.5 Vent Knob

65 Vent Knob

2. Steering wheel horn contact with only one brush (65 has 2.) This change came at the same time as the switch to alternators in early Aug, 1964.)

64.5 Horn Contact

65 Horn Contact

3. Horn ring plate fits to 64 horn contact. (This change came at the same time as the switch to alternators in early Aug, 1964.)

64.5 Horn Ring

65 Horn Ring

4. Horn brush different on 64.5 steering wheel. (This change came at the same time as the switch to alternators in early Aug, 1964.)

64.5 Horn Brush

65 Horn Brush

5. Trunk mat is speckled burtex in hardtops, and rubber plaid in convertibles (convertibles could also have speckled mat in some cases)

64.5 Coupe Trunk Mat

65 Coupe Trunk Mat

6. Caps on the door jambs were not painted body color on some early cars.

64.5 Early Door Jamb Cap

65 Door Jamb Cap

7. Pedal Pads clutch, brake and gas pedal pads do not have indentation around edge for stainless trim. The earlier pedals have been spotted on some early 65 cars.

64.5 Pedals

65 Pedals

8. Auto and console shifter dial do not have red arrows.

64.5 Shifter Bezel

65 Shifter Bezel

9. Auto console bezel and floor bezel do not have raised pointers for the shift position.

64.5 Console Detail

65 Console Detail

64.5 Floor Shifter

65 Floor Shifter

10. Shift boot plate special for Man. Transmission w/o console option

64.5 Man. Boot Plate

65 Man. Boot Plate

11. Shift lever special for 4 speed. (The angle of the bend in the handle changed at some point. Otherwise the early and later handles are very similar.)

64.5 4-Speed Shift Lever

65 4-Speed Shift Lever

12. Shifter T-handle smaller one on 64 (early only - changed to larger handle before end of 64.5 production)

64.5 T Handle

65 T Handle

13. Door levers are clip-on type instead of screw-on. (Continues into mid-65 cars - changed to screw type around Feb. or March 1965.)

64.5 Door Lever

65 Door Lever

14. Door window cranks clip-on type instead of screw-on. (Continues into mid-65 cars - changed to screw type around Feb, 1965.)

64.5 Window Crank

65 Window Crank

14a. Rear window cranks change to match look of front window cranks. (All rear cranks have allen head screw on side under arm.)

64.5 Rear Window Crank

65 Rear Window Crank

15. [Removed - see #2]

16. Contact plates for door light switches on inside door edge.

64.5 Door Switch

65 Door Switch

17. Lock knob different and painted interior color. (Switched to chrome knobs sometime around June, 1964.)

64.5 Lock Knob

65 Lock Knob

18. Lock knob grommets are color keyed instead of clear plastic. Some cars have been spotted with black grommets no matter what color the interior was, and some cars have grommets that match the interior color. (Early doors had no grommet at all - door was molded with smaller hole.) Switched to clear grommets sometime around June, 1964.)

64.5 Lock Grommet

65 Lock Grommet

19. Instrument cluster has "GEN" warning light instead of "ALT". (This change came in early Aug, 1964.)

64.5 GEN Light

65 ALT Light

20. Headliner rods - one end is removable on rear two rods

64.5 Headliner Rod

65 Headliner Rod

21. Unique seats - black with cloth in the middle (code 56)
were available in 1964.

64.5 Unique Code 56 Seats

65 Black Seats

22. Carpet has color keyed rubber heel pad, and no toe pad.

64.5 Carpet Pad

65 Carpet Pad

23. Carpeting in coupe stops at inner rocker panel, with color-keyed vinyl under door sill plate (64 convertible is like 65.) Some early 65 cars have been spotted with the early style carpet, including early 65 Fastbacks.

64.5 Coupe Carpet Sill

65 Coupe Carpet Sill

24. Sill plates had square, not rounded corners.

64.5 Sill Plate

65 Sill Plate

25. Seat Belts have front chrome buckles in alligator-skin style with eye bolt ends.

64.5 Seat Belts

65 Seat Belts

26. Seat Belts in rear not available; no holes or anchors. (Note: this was optional in 65 - many 65 cars did not have them either.)

64.5 Rear Seat

65 Rear Seat

27. Owners manual different cover and different content. (64.5 Manual has two of the drawings on the cover reversed from 65 version.)

64.5 Owners Manual

65 Owners Manual

28. Passenger seat not adjustable until 5/08/64 (changed before end of 64.5 production)

64.5 Passenger Seat

65 Passenger Seat

29. Early arm rest has narrower slot for fingers, and sharp corners on inside.

64.5 Arm Rest

65 Arm Rest

30. Radio has a first digit of 6 instead of 5. (This is possibly not true. Some say both radios were used interchangeably... However, my radio starts with a 6 and has the part number 4TBZ 058884. The radio that starts with 5 has the part number 5TPZ 171362. More research is needed.)

64.5 Radio

65 Radio

31. Plastic cover over seat hinge has screw on end, not in middle

64.5 Seat Hinge

65 Seat Hinge

32. Clutch and brake pedal secured with "E" clips

64.5 Pedal Clip

65 Pedal Clip

33. Some early cars used a knob marked with a "C" to control a manual choke on the carburetor.

64.5 Manual Choke Knob

65 Automatic Choke (No Knob)

34. Earlier brake pedal pivots were attached with a smaller pivot, 2 washers, and an E-clip. Later versions had a longer pivot, a single flanged bushing, and a cotter pin. 64.5 pedal support has fine thread captive nuts where it attaches to the dash, whereas the 65-up uses coarse thread. No easy way to take a picture...

64.5 On Left - 65 On Right

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