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64 vs. 65 Mustang Body & Wheel Differences

By Jason Zimberoff

Compiled from lists on the web by Klaus Schaefer, Mark Dorner, Christopher Duffy
and the book Mustang & Ford Small Block V8 by Bob Mannel
(Go Buy It!)

Special thanks also go out to Charles Turner, and Steve Grant.

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Body And Wheels

1. Radiator Support air vent openings, no holes for mounting horns, voltage regulator holes

64.5 Radiator Support

65 Radiator Support

2. Spare Wheel Mounting Bolt - straight carriage bolt mounts in special slotted bracket. (Continued into earlier 65 cars as well. Straight bolt found on date code 30K.)

64.5 Spare Bolt

65 Spare Bolt

3. Spare tire mounting bracket is a slot for a carriage bolt. (Continued into earlier 65 cars as well.)

64.5 Spare Bracket

65 Spare Bracket

4. No tire jacking instruction label on trunk lid

64.5 Trunk Lid

65 Trunk Lid

5. Wheels 13" 4 lugs on 170 CID, and 5 lug on V8 were standard equipment.

64.5 13" Wheels

65 14" Wheels

6. Wheel cover 13" was standard equipment.

64.5 13" Hub Cap

65 14" Hub Cap

7. Wire wheel cover with ford crest symbol

64.5 Wire Wheel Cover

65 Wire Wheel Cover

8. Fuel and brake line clamps are screwed to floor, not clipped

64.5 Line Clamp

65 Line Clamp

9. Hoods: Very early hoods had folded over lip, no dimples, and no holes for leading edge chrome trim. Intermediate hoods have unfolded lip, small dimples, and no holes for chrome trim. The intermediate hood with the unfolded edges was also used on early 65 cars. Later 65 hoods have the lip folded again, have small dimples, and add the holes for the chrome trim. Later replacement hoods and 66 hoods have larger dimples than the 65 hoods, and still have the folded lip with the holes for the chrome trim.

64.5 Early Hood

64.5 Intermediate Hood

65 Hood

65 Replacement Hood

10. Head light buckets have beveled edges to match hood lip. Some early 65 cars have beveled edge as well. During the transition to the newer hood style, some cars were even shipped with one beveled bucket, and one non-beveled bucket!

64.5 Bucket

65 Bucket

11. Headlights early 64.5 headlights have raised FoMoCo script (goes well into June 65)

64.5 Headlight

65 Headlight

12. Rear quarter extension does not have the channel for the rubber seal (goes into early 65 as well)

64.5 Rear Extension

65 Rear Extension

13. Hood bumpers have a recessed Phillips head screw instead of solid rubber. (Continues into early 65 cars as well.)

64.5 Hood Bumper

65 Hood Bumper

14. Hood underside does not have drill holes for chrome trim between vent openings

64.5 Hood Under Front

65 Hood Under Front

15. Hood Hinges black not natural metal look. (Continued into early 65 cars as well.)

64.5 Hood Hinge

65 Hood Hinge

16. Engine Compartment bracket between inner fender apron and cowl cover have extra vertical tab

64.5 Cowl

65 Cowl

17. Front Shock Towers have no drain in frame rail under shock tower

64.5 Frame Rail

65 Frame Rail

18. Coarse threaded tire jack

64.5 Tire Jack

65 Tire Jack

19. Dash pad frame extensions are screwed on in very early cars. (Seen on only perhaps the first 2000 or 3000 cars.)

64.5 Dash Frame

65 Dash Frame

20. "Mustang" badges on fender are 4 " long.

64.5 Mustang Badge

65 Mustang Badge

21. Gas cap without retaining cable (on early cars - changed to cable type before end of 64.5 production)

64.5 Early Gas Cap

65 Gas Cap

22. Horse and Corral Different retaining screw location

64.5 Corral Screw

65 Corral Screw

23. Windshield wiper arm has smooth cap instead of flanged. (Continued into early 65 cars as well.)

64.5 Wiper Arm

65 Wiper Arm

24. Windshield wiper post is pot metal and has threads for a chromed nut. (Carried over into 65 production. Old post found on date code 30K )

64.5 Wiper Post

65 Wiper Post

25. [Removed - see #24]

26. Door beltline weatherstrip felt backing is black not chrome.

64.5 Door Felt Strip

65 Door Felt Strip

27. Parking light backing cups have no cut-out.

64.5 Parking Light Cup

65 Parking Light Cup

28. Gas tank fill tube has 5 slotted holes on flange (on early cars without cable retainer)

64.5 Gas Fill Tube

65 Gas Fill Tube

29. Gas fill tube hose has special clamps without screws

64.5 Gas Fill Hose Clamp

65 Gas Fill Hose Clamp

30. Convertible top side cables with studs and no springs on early tops (changed to spring type during 64.5 production).

64.5 Side Cable

65 Side Cable

31. Seat riser pans on early coupes have a big cutout in them - and were changed to solid pans early in the 64.5 production.

64.5 Seat Pan

65 Seat Pan

32. "A-Pillar" Weatherstrip on convertibles - early versions do not have a screw at the bottom, later versions do.

64.5 Weatherstrip

66 Weatherstrip

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