1972 Mustang Colors

These pictures are a colection of photos emailed to me, and also copied from the pages of the Vintage Mustang Forum.

NOTE: Some of these pictures may be from 1971 Model Year cars, due to the
minimal differences...

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PPG / Ditzler Colors
2B - Bright Red
2J - Maroon
3B - Light Blue
3F - Grabber Blue
3J - Bright Blue Metallic
4C - Ivy Glow
4E - Bright Lime
4F - Medium Lime Metallic
4P - Medium Green Metallic
4Q - Dark Green Metallic
5A - Light Pewter Metallic
5H - Medium Brown Metallic
6C - Medium Yellow Gold
6E - Medium Bright Yellow
6F - Gold Glow
9A - White

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