1966 Mustang Colors

These pictures are a colection of photos emailed to me, and also copied from the pages of the Vintage Mustang Forum.

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PPG / Ditzler Colors
A - Raven Black
F - Arcadian Blue
H - Sahara Beige
K - Nightmist Blue
M - Wimbledon White
P - Antique Bronze
R - Ivy Green
T - Candyapple Red
U - Tahoe Tourquoise
V - Emberglo
X - Vintage Burgundy
Y - Silver Blue
Z - Sauterne Gold
4 - Silver Frost
5 - Signal Flare Red
8 - Springtime Yellow
D7 - Acapulco Blue
(Color Code D, 1967)
W7 - Clearwater Aqua
(Color Code W, 1967)
Y7 - Dark Moss Green
(Color Code Y, 1967)
Timberline Green
(High Country Special)
Columbine Blue
(High Country Special)
Custom Color
Who's car is this?
Sapphire Blue
(Shelby Color)
Playmate Pink
(Special Order)
Anniversary Gold
(Special Limited Edition)

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