R.E.M. Tour 1999

R.E.M. Tour 1999 Info

All the tickets have been sent out, and Chicago was the most popular request!
I will be at the Chicago show... front row center! Come by and say hello!

R.E.M. has added another tour date, mentioned in the recent Fan Club mailout.
The new show is...

September 8, 1999 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Patti Smith will open the show!

Reports that Fan Club Tickets are arriving are starting to come in. I (Zim)
do not have mine yet, so don't panic if you haven't seen yours either.
It has also been mentioned that they are arriving certified mail, so you
will either need to be there to sign for them, or you'll have to go pick
them up at your local post office.

This is what was written on a postcard from the fan club the week of Feb 1, 1999...


R.E.M. will be touring Europe and the United States in Summer '99. TICKETS
will be available through the FAN CLUB for the first time ever. If you are
a member in good standing as of February 1, 1999, you will have an
opportunity to purchase two tickets to one show. Stay tuned for details
really soon...

Best wishes from Peter, Mike, Michael,
and the rest of us in Athens. It's going to be a fun year.


This is ticket info for Fan Club Members Only. If you were not in the
fan club before February 8, 1999 (yes, they moved the date back a week) you
will need to learn when regular tickets are going on sale for the venue in your
area. This date will most likely be different in each town, so please do not ask
me (Zim) about it. Thanks!

If you are a member, you will be getting a ticket order form in the mail from the
fan club. Here are some major points made on that form:

  • First come, first served. Order early, just in case they didnt reserve enough
    seats at your venue.
  • You must have been a member of the fan club on Feb 8th, 1999.
  • Absolute deadline to order from the Fan Club is April 1, 1999.
  • Payment in money order, US dollars only.
  • Seats are described as "Premium".
  • Price includes fees passed along to them by the promoters
  • Must add mailing charge - $5.00 US, $10.00 non-US to total order
  • Tickets will be sent by registered or certified mail

Date, City, Price per ticket

17 Lisbon - Pavilhao Atlantico (Multiusos) $31.00
19 Madrid - La Peineta Stadium $31.00
20 Vigo - Recinto Playa de Samil (Spain) $34.00
22 London - Earl's Court $45.00
23 London - Earl's Court $45.00
26 Essen - Georg Melches Stadium $37.50
27 Frankfurt - Neu-Isenberg Stadium $37.50
29 Hannover - Maschsee $37.50
30 Berlin - Wuhlheide $37.50

2 Roskilde Festival - (Denmark) $130.00 [yup, thats what it says]
4 Werchter Festival - (Belgium) $42.00
5 Paris - Bercy $33.00
6 Montreux - Stravinski Auditorium $48.00
8 Vienna - Staatsoper $57.50
9 Budapest - MTK Stadium $30.00
11 Bologna - Dallara Stadium $29.50
13 Munich - Horse Riding Stadium $40.50
14 Zurich - Hallenstadion $39.00
16 Dublin - Lansdowne Road $38.00
17 Manchester - Nynex Arena $45.50
19, 20, 21 Stirling Castle - (Scotland) $41.00  [rumor: Teenage Fanclub opens]
23 Athens, Greece - Saint Kosmas Athletic Park ["Pix Lax" opens]
25 Izola, Slovenia - Click Here For More Info

DATE           CITY           VENUE         ON SALE/TIME   SUPPORT    Fan Club 

8/9&10   Los Angeles, CA    The Greek        3/28/1OAM   Mercury Rev  $40.00
8/11     Laguna Hills, CA   Irvine Meadows   3/28/1OAM   Mercury Rev  $38.00
8/13     Mt. View, CA       Shoreline        3/28/10AM   Mercury Rev  $35.00
8/15     Denver, CO         Red Rocks        3/27/1OAM   Mercury Rev  $35.00
8/17     San Antonio, TX    Retama Park      4/10/10AM   Mercury Rev  $29.00
8/19     St. Louis, MO      Riverport        4/9/5PM     Wilco        $35.00
8/20     Chicago, IL        The World        3/27/2PM    Wilco        $40.00
8/21     St. Paul, MN       Midway Stadium   3/27/10AM   Wilco        $35.00
8/23     Detroit, MI        Pine Knob        4/3/1OAM    Wilco        $35.00
8/24     Toronto, ONT.      Molson           3/27/10AM   Wilco        $39.25
8/25     Cleveland, OH      Blossom          4/10/10AM   Wilco        $40.50
8/27     Raleigh, NC        Walnut Creek     3/26/10AM   Wilco        $35.00
8/29-31  Atlanta, GA        Chastain         3/27/10AM                $36.50
  29th - Elf Power
  30th - Wilco
  31st - The Olivia Tremor Control

9/2      Seattle, WA        Bumbershoot      4/9/10AM    TBA          $28.00  
9/4      Wantagh, NY        Jones Beach      4/10/10AM   Spacehog     $45.00  
9/5      Camden, NJ         Blockbuster      4/10/10AM   Spacehog     $39.50 *
9/6      Holmdel, NJ        PNC Art Center   4/10/10AM   Spacehog     $45.25  
9/10     Columbia, MD       Merriweather     3/27/10AM   Spacehog     $37.50 *
9/11     Boston, MA         Great Woods      4/3/10AM    Spacehog     $39.50  

* - Denotes that date was changed from original announcement.