Bill Berry Leaves R.E.M.

November 4, 1997

Addicted To Noise has an on-line music news magazine with many good R.E.M.
stories related to Bill Berry.
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November 1, 1997

America On Line had a chat with R.E.M. on October 31, 1997. Here is a link to a
transcript of the chat.
AOL Chat 10/31/97

MTV's Week In Rock had the following interview with R.E.M. on October 31, 1997.
MTV Week In Rock Interview

October 30, 1997

MTV is reporting that Bill Berry has decided to leave the band. Initial
word is that the band will not break up, and will not replace him either.
Look here for more new on this as it becomes available...

The MTV story can be found at the link below.
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Kipp Teague Has A good quote from Stipe at his site...

Here is the AP story. Copied without permission...

     AP  10-30-97 05:54 PET                 34 LINES
     AM-GA--R.E.M Drummer,300

     Band's drummer says he's ready to get off the ``wild ride''

        ATHENS, Ga. (AP)  R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry is leaving the
     band, the first lineup change in the group's 17-year history,
     according to the Athens Daily News/Banner-Herald.

        ``I think I'm just kind of ready to not be a pop star anymore,''
     Berry said Thursday at the group's office in Athens. ``I joined the
     school band in the fourth grade and I've been playing in a musical
     ensemble ever since. It's been great, it's been a wild ride but I'm
     ready to get off.''

        The drummer recently told the band that he did not want to
     continue as the group began working on a new album in Athens.

        The remaining three members said they would continue on as
     R.E.M., but they would not replace Berry.

        ``I think it's a very courageous move for Bill to make,'' lead
     singer Michael Stipe told the newspaper. ``We're backing him in his
     decision, as sad as it is. It's a positive, because he'll be a lot
     happier out of the band, and we'll be able to continue without him
     with his blessing.''

        The band has often said that if one member left the band, R.E.M.
     would cease to exist.

        ``Well, we also said, probably more often than that, that we
     would do this until it wasn't fun anymore,'' Berry said. ``It's not
     as much fun for me, it's still fun for these guys.''

        Mitch Easter, producer of R.E.M.'s first EP, ``Chronic Town''
     (1981) and first two albums, ``Murmur'' (1983) and ``Reckoning''
     (1984), described Berry as the band's secret weapon.

        ``There's no way you're going to feel like the (new) record is
     quite the same,'' he said. ``I always wondered if people realized
     how much his vocals added to their sound in the early years.''

        Berry said he plans to spend time on his Oconee County farm near

        ``It takes a long time for a feather to drop,'' he said.

Please check out the Athens Daily News Web Site for the latest info.
Athens Daily News

MTV says that the band will chat live on AOL today (Oct 31) from 3-5pm.