Kansas City Star
May 26, 1996
"Will R.E.M. find new Outpost?"

The R.E.M. rumors started as soon as the new record label was
announced. The buzz inside the industry has the supergroup
looking for a new home as soon as it fulfills its contract and
makes one last album for Warner Bros.

When Outpost Recordings launched earlier this year, the label
immediately topped the list of suitors. And while Outpost's three
leaders admit they'd love to sign the band--and have indeed discussed
it--no deal has been made.  But it would make perfect sense.

The Outpost threesome of Andy Gershon, Mark Williams and Scott
Litt have an impressive history in alternative rock.

While Gershon made his mark managing the group Smashing Pumpkins,
it was Williams who signed the Pumpkins to a major-label record deal.

He arrived at Outpost from Virgin Records, where he was vice
president for developing artists and repertoire.  Williams, by the

way, in an early incarnation with another label, helped get the guys

of R.E.M. to sign their first major record deal.

And Litt, too, has a direct connection to R.E.M.--he's produced
five of the band's albums and is working on its next release.

Before teaming up, Gershon, Williams or Litt also had a hand in
the recent success of acts such as Nirvana, Bryan Ferry, the Indigo

Girls, the Geraldine Fibbers and Juliana Hatfield.

Besides pursuing R.E.M., Outpost has inked a deal with
alternative rockers Veruca Salt and should release that group's
album later this year.

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