SVS Internet Corporation
2459 Sun Valley Road
Lisle, IL 60532-3450


$100.00 for one year of web hosting, no disk or hit limitations. Call us for additional information.
NOTE: This offer applies to new customers only.

We are a full service Internet Service Provider and offer Business dedicated T3, T1 circuits. Additionally, we offer web hosting (virtual and dedicated server). We do not offer dialup or DSL services. Please call 630-416-3408 for additional information.

11FEB2012 New Feature: To see if an E-Mail domain is being blocked or on the white list, click this link and enter the domain name to verify:

We have had reports of credit/debit card fraud and if someone places a charge on your card from our company, please follow the steps listed below as the charge is NOT from us:
1) Report the fraud to your card issuer.
2) Have your card issuer change your account number, as your account has been compromised!
3) Report the fraud to your local law enforcement.
4) Report the fraud to your local FBI agent.
SORRY, there is nothing else we can do to support your case, other than affirm that the charge(s) are NOT from SVS Internet Corporation!

Please note:
1) Due to excessive SPAM, we have installed some pretty heavy SPAM filtering. As a result, some valid messages may be deleted by these filters. Therefore, to insure we handle all queries, we prefer to communicate via the old fashion telephone - it turns out to be much faster and easier to use!
2) filters unsolicited email by blocking access to our SMTP server to those outside our network wishing to use it for relay purposes. If you are connecting to the internet via another ISP, you will need to use their SMTP server for outgoing email.
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